Our company

«Lorrenz acoustic lab.» hkalugin_0583as been developing and manufacturing loudspeakers since 2001.

The company’s products are unique combination of the world’s advanced technology, created to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

The advantages of our production:

Speakers made in accordance with the wishes of the customer
Color solution necessary to solve a particular object
Design, equipment selection, installation, connection and setup the sound system
Stuff training
Customer service and warranty on all equipment
A flexible system of discounts

The principle of the company «Lorrenz acoustic lab.» is based on the wishes of customers interested in the speakers of a certain size, shape, performance and price that existing brands do not offer. We have made a commitment to fully solve the problem of creating speakers with excellent quality and natural sound at competitive prices. We are confident that we have created products with unique sonic identity, which focus on the transmission of musical realism and integrity of the sound.

Our products are made using the latest achievements in the sound industry, on the most up-to-date European equipment, carefully selected by our experts. All components undergo stringent tests, and only the best of them are used in our production.

Also, our company specializes in acoustic projects. All projects are made using the certified software CATT-Acoustic.

We do not intend to produce a «copy» of world leaders. Each our product is a proper engineering design, analogues to which do not exist. We are not limited by conventional rigid schemes. Flexibility and multivariance! Creating great sound requires much more than a passion for music! Our credos are: ongoing research in the physics of sound, analysis of the market development of new technologies and qualification of our employees.