LZ 638A

Passive three-band high-performance line array module with an external amplification in one cabinet, LF, MF and HF components. Suspension system permits the consolidation into one cluster up to 24 modules. The design of the array allows the use of both: suspension and ground installation. It has a huge headroom and provides consistent high sound pressure. Ideal for sound transmission in large-scale events indoors or outdoors. Easy to integrate with other products.

LF section is represented by two 8'' speakers (CIARE) with a bass-reflex design. The emitter has a low 3'' coil and lightweight neodymium magnets, low-frequency driver with differential magnetic system, 3" voice coil and cone-cone with direct cooling, which provide maximum dynamic impact for deep, accurate bass.

Mid-Section is represented with specially made for Lorrenz by Precision Device ​​8'' conical midrange emitter with neodymium magnet and the 2.5'' coil. Unmatched natural sound in the speech range. Lightweight and powerful high-frequency compression 1" driver with diaphragm loaded on the "WAVEFORMER" waveguides. Suspension system lets you change the angle of the cabinet in the range 0 ° ... 9,6 ° with 0,5 ° increment.

Long-Range Speakers

Technical characteristics

Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) 45Hz – 20kHz (4 Items)
Power RMS LF 600W / 2400W
Power RMS MF 250W / 1000W
Power RMS HF 140 W
Speaker LF/MF/Hf 2 Х 8″ / 1 Х 8″ / 2 Х 1″
SPL (sensitivity) LF 96 dB
SPL (sensitivity) MF 101 dB
SPL (sensitivity) HF 113 dB
Max SPL Full Range 132 dB
Polars 100 Х 7,5
Resistance LF/MF/HF 16 Ohm / 8 Ohm / 16 Ohm
Crossover 700Hz / 6200Hz
Material Plywood Standard BB
Mesh Perforated steel 1,2 mm
Jack Neutrik NL8
Dimensions (W x H x D) 832х260х280
Operating weight 25 kg
Suspension Suspension system with a goniometer

Projects with use of system LZ 638A

Summer Palace, Petergof
Lermontov Gallery
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