LZ 628A

Passive two-way high-performance module linear array with external amplification combining LF and HF components in one cabinet. Suspension system allows a consolidation into one cluster, up to 24 modules.

The design allows the use of the array elements in a suspension, and in a ground installation. The system has a huge reserve of power and provides a consistent high sound pressure. It is ideal for large-scale audio transmission activities indoors or outdoors,  enables to use a minimum of four elements for small and halls and stages. Easily integrated with other products.

LF section is represented by two 8'' speakers (CIARE) in a vented design. Low-frequency driver with differential magnetic system, 3" voice coil and cone-cone direct chill provide maximum dynamic impact for deep, accurate bass. Easy and powerful high compression 1, 5 "driver with titanium diaphragm loaded on waveguide "WAVEFORMER". Unmatched natural sound in a speech range. Suspension system lets you change the angle of the cabinet in the range 0 ° ... 9,6 ° with 0,5° increment.

Long-Range Speakers

Technical characteristics

Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) 45Hz – 20kHz (4 items)
Power RMS LF 600W / 2400W
Power RMS HF 180W
Speaker LF/MF/Hf 2 Х 8″ / --- / 1 Х 1,5″
SPL (sensitivity) LF 96 dB
SPL (sensitivity) HF 110 dB
Max SPL Full Range 132 dB
Polars 100 Х 7,5
Resistance LF/MF/HF 16 Ohm / --- / 16 Ohm
Crossover 1200 Hz
Material Plywood Standard BB
Mesh Perforated steel 1,2 mm
Jack Neutrik NL4 х 2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 730mmх260mmх360mm
Operating weight 24 kg
Suspension Suspension system with a goniometer

Projects with use of system LZ 628A

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