Middle-Range Speakers

MZ 835
broadband acoustic system
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB)40Hz – 20 kHz
Power RMS, PEAK Full Range1000W / 4000W
Speaker LF/MF/Hf1 Х 15” / 1 Х 8” / 1 X 1
Max SPL Full Range134 dB
Polars80 X 50
Dimensions (WхHхD)500x1000x650
Operating weight45 kg
Full specification
MZ 415CX
FOH/ dual-band monitor
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB)60Hz – 20kHz
Power RMS, PEAK Full Range500W / 2400W
Speaker LF/MF/Hf1 Х 15” / --- / 1 Х 2”
Max SPL Full Range136 dB
Polars80 Х 80
Dimensions (WхHхD)440х580х370
Operating weight20 kg
Full specification
MZ 2510СХ
FOH/dual-band coaxial monitor
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB)60Hz – 20кHz
Power RMS, PEAK Full Range300W / 1200W
Speaker LF/MF/Hf1 Х 10” / 1 Х 1”
Max SPL Full Range126 Дб
Polars80 Х 80
Dimensions (WхHхD)375X380X310
Operating weight10 kg
Full specification
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB)60Hz –20KHz
Speaker LF/MF/Hf2 Х 6,5″/2 Х 1,75″
Max SPL Full Range124 dB
Polars110º x 5º
Dimensions (WхHхD)520х200х360 mm
Operating weight4,5 kg
Full specification


MR series speakers are synonymous with exceptional sound quality and reliability. They have become the standard for theaters and concert halls, premium night clubs. Speakers of this range represent a new level of performance and functionality. Model series focuses on the most demanding and discerning consumers with strict requirements for playback quality of all shades of classical and contemporary music.

The concept while developing the speakers was set of acoustic boxes of modern design and the highest quality components, taking into account the latest technological developments and new solutions in the industry of sound.

All speakers are equipped with high quality internal filter-crossover, which eliminates the need for an external controller. Filter-crossovers are made from high quality components including inductors with a very low resistance and polypropylene capacitors. Filter-crossover's circuits protect drivers from from excessive current and voltage overload.

MR Series Speakers feature high output power, a distinctive modern look and have low distortion characteristic that make the products unique. All components used in the series are designed to operate in an environment with high humidity and dust.

The areas of ​​ application:

open areas, medium-sized arenas, stadiums and large houses of worship, are appropriate for use in places requiring high power output, such as live music clubs, dance clubs or centers for Performing Arts.

MR Series Speakers provide excellent sound quality, provide the required power, comfortable listening and enjoyment of all the nuances and details of the sound image.

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