MZ 835

The "quasi three-band" system works like a system of "satellite - subwoofer" in a single package. This simplifies transport, installation and commutation.

MZ 835 uses 15" woofer differential driver loaded on the horn, allowing the reproduction of deep "bass" even without a subwoofer, and creating high sound pressure at low frequencies. 8" driver works in the mid range, made by British company FANE using special technology CMCD (Cone Mid-range Compression Driver), which provides a very low distortion, increased sensitivity, extended bandwidth transmission, improved phase coherence. HF section consists of with waveguide with polars 80° x 50° and attached 1" HF driver.

This model is designed for sound reinforcement system, which requires a good "bass", a clear middle range and at the same time, compactness reduced to a single cabinet. Mainly focusing on corporate events, touring performances.

Middle-Range Speakers

Technical characteristics

Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) 40Hz – 20 kHz
Power RMS, PEAK Full Range 1000W / 4000W
Power RMS, HF 100W / 400W
Speaker LF/MF/Hf 1 Х 15” / 1 Х 8” / 1 X 1
SPL (Sensitivity) Full Range 102 dB
Max SPL Full Range 134 dB
Recommended Power (INTO 4OHMS) Full Range 1200 dB
Polars 80 X 50
Resistance LF/MF/HF 8 Ohm
Crossover 800Hz / 3500Hz
Material Plywood Standard BB
Mesh Perforated steel 1,2 mm
Jack Neutrik NL4 Х 2
Dimensions (WхHхD) 500x1000x650
Operating weight 45 kg

Projects with use of system MZ 835

Sports complex Yugorsk
Theater "MIG"
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