SZ 206СX ball

The unique wide range spherical acoustic omni-directional system, dual band, two speakers, short range, built-in passive crossover Bi-Amp, coaxial 6 "driver with a linear response over the entire range of sound frequencies and with a balanced phase coherence.

High quality of sound in speech range. Perfect in sounding "inconvenient" zones, complex facilities. Helps to enhance an intelligibility of audio material.

Short-Range Speakers

Technical characteristics

Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) 70Hz – 20кHz
Power RMS, PEAK Full Range 200W / 800W
Power RMS, HF 100W / 400W
Speaker LF / MF / HF 1 Х 6” / --- / 1 Х 1”
SPL (Sensitivity) Full Range 95 dB
Max SPL Full Range 121 dB
Recommended power (INTO 4OHMS) Full Range 400 W
Polars 90 Х 40
Resistance LF / MF / HF 8 Ohm
Crossover 1800 Hz
Volume 25 liters
Material Plywood Standard BB
Jack Neutrik NL4 Х 2
Dimesions (WхHхD) 450 (diameter)
Operating weight 9 kg

Projects with use of system SZ 206СX ball

Sports complex Yugorsk
Night club "Atlantida"
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