Lorrenz Acoustic offers you a new four-channel amplifier - PQM, which is made by first-class technology based on modern chips and has an excellent sound quality.

PQM series:

PQM series is designed to meet the most demanding music lovers.

Professional sound is an art that is easy to learn, but that is difficult to master.

Professional audio demands perfection of design technologies, as well as the enthusiasm and inspiration, as if you were engaged in the performing arts or photography.

As part of this series, we offer two types of amplifiers PQM8  and PQM13.

Technical characteristics

Watt per channel, 8Ω 800Wx4
Watt per channel, 4Ω 1350Wx4
Watt per channel, 2Ω 1600Wx4
Bridge Mode, 8Ω 2800Wx2
Bridge Mode, 4Ω 3200Wx2

Projects with use of system PQM 8

Lermontov Gallery

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