PCM 12

Lorrenz Acoustic offers you a new two-channel PCM amplifier, which is made by first-class technology based on modern chips and has excellent sound quality.

PCM series:

Our patented Class ITM output circuitry, high efficiency and high sound quality.  Combined with the traditional industrial frequency power supply, exquisite, simple sense, soft, open, to create a wonderful high-fidelity playback space. 

Our patented temperature gain and power clamped control technology, make a effective protection for stability of the long-term and full-loading application.   Patented light-control volume control, greatly improve the background noise indicator, make a broader pure tone.

Technical characteristics

Watt per channel, 8Ω 1200
Watt per channel, 4Ω 2100
Watt per channel, 2Ω 2500
Bridge Mode, 8Ω 3800
Bridge Mode, 4Ω 4800

Projects with use of system PCM 12

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